ONWTF1Mockxcf[1]One Night With the Fae

Author: Claire Farrell

Series: Companion to the CHAOS series

Format: eBook (Kindle)

Pages: 50 (estimated)

Rating: 3.5 Stars

A collection of short stories told from a different character’s involvement and point of view. A young girl is lured to a faery festival hosted by the Irish fae. To survive she must avoid the attention of two warring Queens but a helpful faery fears something even more sinister is going on.

Okay, I’m going to start with the few negatives so we can end on a happy note. This is not a collection of short stories…it’s all one continuous story that happens in the same place on the same night but in different POVs. That’s not really a negative, but I thought we should clear that up early on. My biggest letdown and the main reason I only gave it a 3.5 is I wish it contained more detail and gave a little more back story. In all honestly this felt like a really long Flash Fiction. And while a few of the characters seemed really well developed and easy to know there were more than a couple that I felt were seriously lacking.

Now to the good stuff!

Even though it’s really short, the story was very enticing and left me wanting to know more. I even fell in love with a character (or three!) and found myself rooting for them! Cara, the one who starts off our story, is just a mere human who stumbles upon a party she wasn’t invited to…or was she? Cara is one who I thought was lacking a little in who she is. This could be because she is the set up for the rest of the story and I felt her character needed to be stronger to kick things off in the right direction. Thankfully the next character we get to know is a bit stronger.

Brathnach. I have to admit I giggle a little every time I say his name! Though if I ever saw this guy in person I would probably freeze in terror. We first meet Brathnach from a distance after he spills a little blood (not his, of course). He is an ever-smiling, blood thirsty, dog of a bodyguard to the Seelie Queen, Mirela, who we don’t really know until later. Our next POV is from Azarel, Queen of the Unseelie Court with the power of bloodlust and twin to Mirela. I feel like she is one of the strongest characters. My heart literally goes out to her and I can’t help but think it’s because I know more about her than the others. I even find myself pleased that she finally got what she wanted despite how much it broke my heart. I’m going to skip ahead a bit because I feel like this is a good place to talk about Wyla. My favorite person in One Night With the Fae. Wyla is the bodyguard and second in command to Azarel. I think I love Wyla so much because she is so fierce in her loyalty to her Queen. To her friend. She would literally do anything for her.

Now I’m going to take a step backwards to talk about Drake. Ahh, Drake. The solitary fae. He probably has the best physical character description (shortest, but best and admittedly I have a little book crush on this guy!…faery). We meet Drake for the first time through Cara’s eyes. He decides to help her out, though he doesn’t know why. (I have an inkling it’s love but I honestly couldn’t say. I guess I’m more hoping it’s love!) He can feel the tension between the courts and guesses that Cara might just be the breaking point.

Mirela. I can honestly say that I hate her. Queen of the Seelie Court with the power of lust. I absolutely hate her. She is violent, petty, greedy and any other sort of evilness you can think of. Strong character, but I still hate her! And of course she can’t share anything with her sister and wants it all to herself. Uh, just such a meanie! It’s no wonder that Realtín and Grim despise her. They are two lovers we meet near the end though we “see” them really early on. Slaves to the Seelie Queen these two decide their only way out is betrayal…or death. While I like these two, I know I could have loved them if I knew more about them. They play a huge part in the end of this story and yet the only thing I know about them is their love for each other. I don’t know, maybe that’s really all you have to know about anybody.

But beware when Lust and Blood combine, things get a little uneasy. And that’s putting it lightly!

You’ll never guess who is behind it all so I’m going to tell you…..NOT! Why would I spoil the ending? You’re just going to have to read it for yourself! You can find Claire Farrell’s website linked here and it has all of her books and where you can purchase them. Including One Night With the Fae, which is free by the way!